Other Websites

We’ve looked around the Internet and found several other Sovereign Grace Websites we feel may also be helpful to you.  You may want to bookmark this page and use it as a jumping off point to the other sites.  We try to keep this page up to date as best we can, but if you find it’s not, please let the webmaster know.  The web address list follows.

Grace Life Radio – A radio station devoted to Reformed, Sovereign Grace teaching and preaching over the airwaves and via the Internet — including, by the way, our Salvation By Grace messages

Monergism.com – This site boasts a wide range of books, articles, sermon transcripts and audio from Reformed preachers and authors; from the fathers of the Reformed movement to their contemporary counterparts. The site is well organized and rich with content. The wealth of information will help every believer in God’s Sovereign Grace realize that we are not alone and that we are walking in the footsteps of giants.

Biblical Studies – This is pastor Fred Zaspel’s site.  His list of links and favorites alone makes this site worth a visit.  But, stay long enough to read some of his solid, insightful Bible studies.  Fred offers engaging articles on interesting subjects from a Premillennial Sovereign Grace perspective. And, if we could offer a comprehensive list of links, it would look just like Fred’s!

Alpha and Omega Ministries – This is James White’s ministry website. An excellent resource for Christian apologetics. James debates well known figures within Mormon, Catholic, “King James Only”, and Arminian groups. In addition to the many articles, there is also has a live Webcast you can link to from his site.