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Grace Christian Assembly reaches out to people all over the globe via our website and tape ministry.  Occasionally, we get questions and comments from folk and we do our best to respond to everyone who writes.  Whenever the conversation includes topics that we believe are edifying to the body of Christ at large, we will post them here so that we may all share in the exchange of ideas.

Our observation is that the questions posted here are questions that many of our readers have had.  Invariably, when we have circulated one of these conversation-type Q & A’s, we get responses like, “I always wanted to ask that,” or “I’m glad someone brought that up.”

For sake of privacy, personal information and names have been removed and the letter “Q” designates the sender/questioner.  That way, the people who have been kind enough to communicate with us may retain their anonymity, while we all may share in their insights and inquiries.

Our ultimate goal, as always, is that Christ will be glorified and our Father worshipped as we dig into His wonderful word.

We also have an Audio Q&A. Check back there often for newly added audio responses by Jim.

Enjoy!  And, feel free to join the discussion.  You can search our Q&A’s by clicking here.

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