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GCA is dedicated to teaching God’s Word in a systematic fashion. And we are equally dedicated to making that teaching available by every distribution means possible. So, in addition to the current messages available via our website and the mp3 CD’s that are distributed around the world, we are now offering our entire library of teaching mp3’s on the World Wide Web.

Podcasting is a way of distributing audio and video automatically to your computer through a podcast reader. The most popular reader is iTunes. You can subscribe to our podcast in two different ways:


By following the links below you can connect to over 1300 mp3 files covering a wide variety of Biblical topics. In the months to come we will also be adding video content and music files, so come back often and explore to see what’s new. And, best of all, everything in the GCA archive is free. You may download and distribute these files, provided they remain in their original, unedited state and GCA’s contact and copyright info remains intact.

We at GCA are grateful for the ongoing support we receive from our listeners that allows us to continue spreading the gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace without charge. We are following in our Lord’s footsteps, who instructed, “Freely you have received, freely give.” We hope this archive will serve as a resource for Christians and Bible students for years to come.

Now, dig in!

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